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Important informations has been translated into English on the forum
Important information has been translated into English on the forum.

Information essential to being a good manager.

SKILLS and their role in the game TUTORIAL
What is the colored bar next to the team name ?
Player is injured or suspended for an official game ?
When can I ask a player on loan?
How increase or decrease a skill?
Junior players
How a player chooses a team ?
Why is the player morale is low?
The progress curves in training
Players win a bonus in official game ?

Many questions and answers.

You can read the English forum here:


Thank you for playing with us

Ika & Panza
What any good manager should know
Saturday, April 23
Opening of the transfer window, distribution of awards season, new calendar. Physical preparation can begin ( endurance training = jogging card ) so that your players get 12 points physical form the night.

Thursday, April 28
Last day to offer contracts to players, they will answer the next day.

Friday, April 29
Last day to finalize the transfer of players have accepted their contract.

Samedi 30 avril
Closure of the transfer window, the deals finalized this day concern the next transfer window (except the joker).

Premier league game.

During the first leg you are eligible for a wildcard player transfer and loans.
New tactics available
Ten new tactics are now available to make your formation or edit new.
Please note 3 ancient formations 4-3-3, 4-4-2 and 4-5-1 will not be available next season.

Good game everyone!
Goal for a roleplay
How to communicate in the game with a twitter account?

Just send tweets by including #HMFO, twitter account must represent your club or newspaper, focus all your tweets will be published, this is your official communication with the duties that entails.
HOURRA Team enable better roleplays for publication in the game.

Observe the twitter accounts of the actual football clubs, check for your club's communication cell, this is the best way to be released to the world HOURRA!
Interview updated
Many thanks to imannthenoob (US Massese) marvelmouse (uominietopi), elpupe (pupazzia) felixGG (Felix Boys), Tsigalko (AS Karalis) and karlacci (5piotte FC)!

Thanks to them several additional questions were added (interviews) for the whole community.

good game everyone.

Ika & Panza
Dear managers
Dear managers,

The day after of the tragic events of last night here in Paris, we join in the sorrow of the families and friends of the victims and give them our full support.

In the dark times we are experiencing a new season still start tonight at 21pm, with the modest hope of a ray of sunshine in hearts. Let us meet at this time with the thought for fraternity.


Ika & Panza
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