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1.5 Fixtures

The fixtures shows the games played and future of your team for the season.

The match date and the name of the club that you will face is listed first. Then the location of the match, H for home and A for away, time or score if the game was played.
a red smiley, yellow or green tells you easily if the game was lost, drawn or won.
If you click on score then you can see the match statistics.

An icon indicates whether it is a friendly match, championship or cup. For league or cup, attendance is displayed. The TV allows you to review your game as many times as you want.

Screenshot Fixtures.

Trick : You can see all matches of all existing clubs, rendez-vous on club wanted through research and click on fixtures button, A TV appears whenever a match occurred. You can view and review all matches for detect a player or spy game to a future opponent.

1.5.1 Request for a friendly match

Screenshot Fixtures.

You can accept requests for friendly match automatically or not, or refuse all. This option is located at the top of fixtures.