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7.1 Rules of the Juniors Challenge

The Juniors Challenge is an international competition that lasts all season. From the moment your club has at least 11 juniors, you can participate. If this is not the case, the only way to recruit juniors is to organize tryouts.
Registration is done directly on the page ranking of the Challenge.

Screenshot Challenge Juniors

Every day you can make up 4 games. You can challenge 2 teams and be challenged 2 times.
To challenge a team there are 2 rules :
- your opponent must be more or less 10 places of your ;
- or be more or less 50 points.

After a game, you win or lose points depending on the score of the match and the number of points of your opponent. If you win a match against a team ranked better than yours, you will earn more points against a team poorly placed. It's a method of calculation called ELO.

Yellow and red cards, injuries and form of players is not taken into account in this competition (as in friendly matches). So you can play with any junior player that is injured or in poor form.

At the end of the season, the top 5 clubs are rewarded.

Rewards Juniors Challenge
Final placeIncome
18 000 K
24 000 K
33 000 K
42 000 K
51 000 K