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5.1 Table league

All rankings of all leagues are displayed here. You can click on the name of a club to display information and see all performance, its players and its history. A graphic under the league table allows you to see the way of each club for all journey, a good way to see what is the good club of the moment ..

Screenshot Ranking table.

Leagues- League 1 includes 12 teams.
- League 2 includes 4 divisions of 12 teams.
- League 3 includes 16 divisions of 12 teams.
- And so on for each league below the number of divisions is multiplied by 4, a division always includes 12 teams.

PromotionYour club is promoted to higher league when it finishes first at the end of the season (green line).

RelegationYour club is relegated to the lower league when it finishes in the last four places at the end of the season (red line).

Red and yellow cardsDuring a match a player can will get a red card or two yellow, he left the field immediately and the team finished the match with 10 players. It will be automatically suspended for the next game. The number of yellow card is accounted, the player is automatically suspended one game after accumulating three yellow cards in the official match.

A cup is displayed next to the name of the club that finished champions one season before.