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2.7 FIHF Table

The FIHF Table is the official world rankings clubs based on their performance in the league and cup over the last four seasons.

Screenshot Ranking table.

How does the ranking ?

FIHF awards points for the championship, the cup and the champion's cup.

In the Championship, you get a number of basis points depending on your league level (300 pts in L1, 180 in L2, 90 in L3, 45 in L4) and we add a number of points based on your place in the league.
Example : A team of L1 which finished the season in 5th place win 300 + 80 = 380 pts FIHF.

In Cup, the winner gets 300 pts FIHF. Then it is based on the ranking of your club on the total number of clubs engaged in Cup.
Ex. : A team finished 32th/64, win (1 - (32 / 64)) * 300 = 150 pts FIHF.

In Champion's Cup, each team participating earns 100 basis points. Then each round passed, you earn an additionnal 50 pts. So the winner wins a maximum of 300 pts FIHF and 250 pts for the finalist. The teams eliminated in semi-finals win 200 pts and 150 pts for teams eliminated in the quarterfinals.

The FIHF ranking is very importantWhen a player is out of contract or free and it has several contract proposals, FIHF ranking plays a role in the final choice.
FIHF ranking palys a role in affluence calcul too. More FIHF points is high, more you have fans.

don't forget !!! This ranking is based on the last 3 seasons + the current season. So it evolves throughout the season.