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The Detection

When you have a Juniors training center, you can organize detection days. These days aim to find juniors which can integrate your team A once they are trained.

Organize a day of detection costs 1000 K or 10 credits per player detected.

the next day list of players aged 14 to 16 will be offered. You will be able to sign or not these players

There are two status for clubs with a Junior training center.

SPRO status for clubs with less than 11 juniors. They don't have the opportunity to play matches.
PRO status for clubs with 11 to a maximum of 20 juniors, these clubs can paly junior matches.

A young trainees will cost 400K per season. The maximum number of training season is 4, at the end of the formation training you have the choice whether or not to offer a professional contract player, no other club can't do it when your junior is in your center, if you don't offer a contract, the player will be free at end of the season and can then sign in another club.