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2.4 Tactic editor

The editor allows you to develop your own tactical schemas !

With icons pf editor menu choose the position that your players occupy according action of the match.

Screenshot Compo.

Here are the actions of the match :

  • Choose the position of the ball in the offensive or defensive phase and position your players one by one.
  • Offensive or defensive kick-off.
  • Offensive or defensive goal-kick.
  • corner-kick and special free-kick.

Your tactics must be valid for be saved, a message will appear under the field each time to tell you if your action is valid or not.

Be careful if you change your tactics matchif it's invalid once your tactics chosen for match changes to the default 4-4-2. Indeed an invalid tactic can not be used in match. Be sure to select your tactics for the match once it's valid

The player profiles are very different depending on their skills. Should adapt tactics to the players recruited ? or recruit players who play the tactic of the club ?
each manager has his answer.