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3.3 Training

On this page you program the training of your players for the week. You can create up to 8 types of group. Each group is a color chasuble.

Each chasuble is one week of training like this :

Screenshot Training.

You can program two sessions in the morning and two afternoon sessions. A countdown timer tells you when will take place next update of the report.
To change workshop session, simply click on the card you want to change and a window will open with the different cards that can be selected.
On each card you have the skills worked ( the number of stars indicates the impact on skills ) and physical fitness used.

Things to know for any good manager
A player who is 100% trains better than a player with a physical fitness to 85% .

There are players who develop their skills very young, others at old age, still others will be very regular and finally there are those who will never be great players .. to you to make judgments about each of your players and make the right choice.

Be sure that your players are in top form for the official match ! for example, a player with 90% for the match will not play with 90% of his skills !

Every night your players get a bit of fitness. They recover between 5 and 12 points, it depends of the number of physical training they have done the last few weeks.

Players progress with the same way in training ?
No, it depends on the learning curve of the player.

There are four types of curve progression :

- Ordinary ( the player reaches its peak around 26~27 old )
- Late ( the player reaches its peak around 29~30 old )
- young ( the player reaches its peak around 20~21 old )
- Constant ( steadily throughout his career )

When we talk about peak is called the period during which the player will work more in training, after its peak the player takes fewer points to the end of his career. A player retires between 31 and 38 years.