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3.1 Team

This page allows you to have an overview of your players, ordered by position.

The information available are : Pic of player, name, shirt number, age, average, physical condition, yellow and red cards, injury, remaining contract, transfer, loan, supervised.

Screenshot My team.

Shirt number : This column allows you to see what the players currently on the match sheet.

Average : after each match each player obtains a mark. This column shows the average score.

Physical fitness : indicates the current fitness of the player. Fitness evolves according to trainings and matches played. It's important to have players with a 100% fitness to play matches.

Cards : indicates the number of yellow cards which are accounted for possible suspension. If a player gets three yellow cards, he's suspended for one match and a red card appears. If a player already has two yellow cards and the next game he took a red card directly, yellow cards are still accounted.

Infirmary : if a player is injured, a red cross appears. The duration of the injury account by number of official matches. It can range from 1 to 11 matches. To know the length and type of injury you have to go on the player page.

Remaining contract : indicates the number of seasons it remains in the player's contract. When icon C appears, this means that only one season contract remains for the player and you must renew his contract if you want to keep him. For more information on player contracts, rendez-vous on player page.

Transfer : a suitcase indicates that the player is on the transfer list.

Loan : green arrow and orange indicate that the player is on the list of loans.

Supervised : binoculars indicate that one or more clubs are interested in the player.

Warning ! The team is limited to 40 players.