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3.2 Player card

For each competency, Number in red, yellow or green is the current rating of the player. Gray number is the rating that the player was originally.

In each skill there is a blue bar with a red cursor. The blue bar indicates the current progress in training and red cursor indicates the position of the bar the night before. When the blue bar is full the player takes 1 point on the skill. On the contrary if the blue bar is empty, -1 point on skill.

Trick : You can change the jersey number of each players by clicking on his face.

Screenshot player page.

Here are the actions that can be done on the player page of your team : Terminate contract, Renew, Transfer, Set release clause, Loan, Change position, Change training.

Release clause ? You can specify a clause with the amount that your opponents have to pay to buy the player automatically, careful if the amount is paid you can't object to the transfer.

Here are the actions that can be done on the player page from another team or free : Select / Remove selection, Transfer offer, Loan offer, Contact, Contract offer.

You will notice that you can use on this page a comparison tool for players.

How it works ? On the player page you choose to place him in slot "J.A" or in slot "J.B", when you put a player in each of the slots you can click the yellow button "compare".

Players progress with the same way in training ?
No, it depends on the learning curve of the player.

There are four types of curve progression :

- Ordinary ( the player reaches its peak around 26~27 old )
- Late ( the player reaches its peak around 29~30 old )
- young ( the player reaches its peak around 20~21 old )
- Constant ( steadily throughout his career )

When we talk about peak is called the period during which the player will work more in training, after its peak the player takes fewer points to the end of his career. A player retires between 31 and 38 years.

Players progress when they are holders in official match ?
Yes when a player is the holder he progresses in all skills, indeed, it accumulates a lot of experience by playing an official match.

InjuriesA player can be diagnosed injured at each end match, depending on the severity of the injury may be missing from 3 to 36 days. He can't training or play in official matches either until his back. It may happen that the player gets injured in training even if it is exceptional. Injury in friendly matches are never serious, the player never miss the next official match.

Kmeter.The Kmeter tells you if the player is more interested in money or by the challenge club, very handy to negotiate !

The temperHere is a list of temper from best to worst :

  • Ready to die for the club
  • Afraid of anyone
  • A leader of the locker room
  • Excellent leader
  • Proud of his colors
  • Work hard
  • State of mind exemplary
  • Will gold
  • Serious professional
  • Courageous
  • Good teammate
  • Quiet reserved
  • Nonchalant
  • Lack of motivation
  • Moonstruck
  • Spirit of protest
  • Pretentious
  • Love the nightlife
  • Arrogant and uncontrollable
  • Capable of the worst

The player's temper is very important, this determines the will of the player to do well on each game action (and one action game can change the result of a match !)