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9.1 What any good manager should know

There are two periods of mercato for each season, mercato before-season and mercato mid-season ( after 11th match).

Negotiations, transfers can take place throughout the season, However, the players change clubs during the period of Mercato. At each transfer made ​​you will know the date of arrival of your new player. An exception you are entitled to one player joker can happen before mid-season. Loans can only take place until mid-season.

Players who it remains only one contract year can be contacted free from mid-season (after the first return match). If the player has several contract deals, you must wait three days before it makes its decision.

Player salaries are paid for each day of the championship, seasonal salary of a player is equal to the salary indicated on his page X 22 (journées totales).

The premiums for league and cup are made late in the season except for the Champion's Cup where premiums are paid during the season.

ATTENTION if your balance is negative you can't buy players and contact a free player or renew your contracts, or build additional grandstands before having recovered healthy finances.

A player who is 100% trains better than a player with a physical fitness to 85% .

Be sure that your players are in top form for the official match ! for example, a player with 90% for the match will not play with 90% of his skills !

Every night your players get a bit of fitness. They recover between 5 and 12 points, it depends of the number of physical training they have done the last few weeks.