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3.4 Compos

This is where you make the selection of players that will play the next match. At first you must choose your tactics.
The 4-4-2, 4-3-3 et 4-5-1 are original tactics. Of course you can create your own tactics with tactical editor. When you change tactics in the list, the players on the field change position.

For changing a position player, just click on the name of the player and while still pressing drag on the pawn of your choice. The players' names must be reversed.

Then it's up to you to choose the players who will make throw-in, corner-kick, free-kick, penalty and your captain. Once it's all ready your team is ready to face the opponents !

Screenshot Compo.

Remember the compo must be changed no later than one hour before kickoff to be valid for officials games and 10 minutes before for friendly games. Any change is made ​​after taking into consideration the next match.

If you leave a suspended player in the match your club will be fined 50K and the player will be replaced just before the match. It is the same if you leave an injured except that in this case there is no fine.