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8.2 All offers

All offers and all transfers concluded of all teams of the championship are avaible on this page directly.

Screenshot all offers.

Warning negotiations stalled for more than 3 days are automatically canceled.

There are two periods of mercato for each season, mercato before-season and mercato mid-season ( after 11th match).

Negotiations, transfers can take place throughout the season, However, the players change clubs during the period of Mercato. At each transfer made ​​you will know the date of arrival of your new player. An exception you are entitled to one player joker can happen before mid-season. Loans can only take place until mid-season.

A manager may decide to set a release clause for a player, the manager believes that after a certain amount he doesn't oppose the departure.

Some players may for various reasons find themselves free and without club, then it is possible to contact the player to offer him a contract, then the transfer is free. Offer the player a contract directly ( free player or player in his last year of contract ) can the day after the first return match of the season.

A player can't change clubs twice in the same season.