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Introduction Hourra is a free game where the goal is to manage your own football club and lead it to victory to the highest world ranking, by confronting players from around the world.

Hourra is very easy to play, even by connecting one or two times per week. Several means of communication exist on Hourra ( Inbox, Tchat et Forums ) Even if the pressure rises on match days, fair play is still on Hourra.

Your role Once your club created, he will join one of the divisions of the country. You play the role of the manager but also the owner of the club. For you to prepare tactics, training and selection of your players. You buy, sell or invest in the expansion of your stadium and many other tasks await.

The success of your club depends on you ! The best advice we can give you is to really think about a strategy for the long term, and glory may be at the end.

How to communicate in the game with a twitter account?Just send tweets by including #HMFO, twitter account must represent your club or newspaper, focus all your tweets will be published, this is your official communication with the duties that entails. HOURRA Team enable better roleplays for publication in the game.

It's strictly forbidden to own many clubs to facilitate transfers.The FIHF (Fédération Internationale de Hourra Football) may sanction with heavy fine and prohibit your club in top league.

How to contact an administrator ? For inquiries about the game send a PM to FIHF with your internal mail

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