11-06-2017 - 17h28

Changes on season 24

The current developments are exclusively devoted to the AI of the players during the game. The aim is to integrate this development in S25.

On Saturday, June 17, the FIHF update will be held for season 24. Here's what's planned :

- U17 Challenge Rule: The opponent must be 5 places from my club to challenge him.

Player page and team page :
- The player page displays the skills for the game with a score on 20 (the impact of the temper is included) for ease of reading and selection.
- The raw data on 100 are always available on the player page and on the training tab.
- Now the temper note is displayed on the player page.
- Scores on 20 (the impact of the character is included) are displayed on your team page.

Changes on match engine :
- Controls and passes are easier in your half of the field.
- Correction to the detection of offside.
- Consecutive corners kick are reduced.

11-04-2017 - 16h40

The new version of the game Thursday!


As you know the new version of the game will be available in two days.

What's going to happen on Thursday?

The site will be unavailable from 10am, you will not be able to log in for a few hours.
We will announce on twitter the availability of the game.

Therefore plannig your training before!

12-03-2017 - 15h59

The release of the new version!

After a long work,
The moment is important then all the HOURRA Team is happy to announce the release of the new version!

You can enjoy it on Thursday, April 13th.
You are all invited to test all day!

Thank you for your continued trust and your loyalty, we hope you will like the result.

See you soon.

02-01-2017 - 16h45

Good news managers!

Good news managers!

Now you earn 5 credits for each win in the championship!

31-12-2016 - 14h12

New game engine 3.3!

Here are the points of the match that have been improved:

- Control
- Decision making (intelligency)
- The zone pressing
- The behavior of the player facing the goal

Very good season to all!

31-12-2016 - 11h31

This is the new season!

This is the season 22!

Here's the news :

- New game engine v3.3.

Very good season everyone!

03-12-2016 - 14h29

Update - U17 Detection


Now you can choose the position of the young detected.
Players are available one hour after starting detection!

08-10-2016 - 15h36

This is the new season!

This is the season 21!

Here's the news:

- New game engine v3.2.
- New rules junior challenge, challenges the 5 clubs above and below your team.
- Each new managers start with a level of team 58-64.

Very good season everyone!
Ika & Panza

10-09-2016 - 18h45

The current game development status

New HMFO game desktop, mobile & tablet, the current game development status is 63%. Stay tuned!

22-08-2016 - 17h01

Important informations has been translated into English on the forum

Important information has been translated into English on the forum.

Information essential to being a good manager.

SKILLS and their role in the game TUTORIAL
What is the colored bar next to the team name ?
Player is injured or suspended for an official game ?
When can I ask a player on loan?
How increase or decrease a skill?
Junior players
How a player chooses a team ?
Why is the player morale is low?
The progress curves in training
Players win a bonus in official game ?

Many questions and answers.

You can read the English forum here:


Thank you for playing with us

Ika & Panza